Plan A Road Trip Online - Step 1

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Step 1 - 6 Essential Mini Steps...To Jump Start Your Planning Effort

Once You Hit The Road You Will Realize How Helpful These Items Become…It’s important to think of the little things to make sure you cover all the bases.


Step 1-1 Family Adventure Road Trips

It’s All About Empowering The Curiousity And Excitement In Our Kids with our natural surroundings … from off-the-grid outdoor camping to discovering the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon to exploring Ghost Towns, to even digging for fossils!


Choose Your Destination And Plan Your Route From 8 Fun-Packed Trips…or simply choose your favorite go-to spot…then plan your route and stops in Step 2 with Google Maps…it’s free. Go to “Family Adventure Road Trip” posts.

Step 1-2 Road Trip Car Tips-2

Prepare For A Safe And Stress-Free Drive… just a few pointers to safely and effeciently increase your storage space and keep your vehicle in tip-top running shape. 

Step 1-3 Easy Trip Getaway Meals

Family Outdoor Adventure Road Trips

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Road Trip Car Tips

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Easy Trip Getaway Meals

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Road Trip Games

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Home Security Tips

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Road Trip Packing Lists

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